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How To Become a Professional Football Handicapper
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After being in this business for 35 years, the one thing that I hear most often is this statement. I think I have the ability to be a professional handicapper. How did you become a professional handicapper? Where can I get a chance to show my skills and how can I get started?

Well, back in 1981 is when I started, I was a young gun with a chip on my shoulder. I thought, dang, I can pickem' better than they can. Well, I joined a national handicapping monitoring service and soon proved what I had been saying for years. You can read more right here.

As you can see, I put my money where my mouth was, because at that time in 1981 it would cost me $400 per sport category just to be monitored. That's $400 in 1981 dollars! This was just to prove you can pickem' better than all the professional handicappers. Therefore, for football it would cost me $800 (college $400 & pro $400). Again, this was just to show my handicapping prowess and have my picks monitored. That was great for me, but then I realized, how do I sell my picks and make some money? I found out very quickly that being a sports service owner did not only require expert handicapping, but it also entailed running a business. Being a Business Administration major, that was not the biggest problem for me at that time. The biggest problem was advertising and marketing expenses and finding a platform where I could be found. Don't forget now, we're talking 1981 and no internet. My 1/4 page ads cost thousands and I would sit by the phone hoping it would ring, so that I would have a chance to sell my expert football picks. Then maybe, just maybe, I'll be consistent enough to keep winning and maintain a good customer base. Well, I must've done something right, because I've been doing it for 27 years and we've grown into one of the most respected sports services in the nation. Since then, I've added 3 more handicappers specializing in various sports or niches within a sport.

All that is sweet, but what does that have to do with you? Well, here's the deal my friend. If you really want to take a shot at being a professional handicapper, Gridiron Gold will give you that shot. Here's what we'll do for potential sports handicappers.

Well, you can see that it's much more than I got when I started!

Not only do you have a chance to prove yourself to the nation and earn money, but you also have a platform to become an employee of Gridiron Gold (if you're good enough). Best of all, you don't need an expensive merchant account, website or business expenses. Plus, you get immediate exposure to a large market of players. Heck, when I started, I had to advertise in magazines and believe me, it was abnormally expensive with no traffic guarantees.

So, based on my offer, what would you expect to pay for this? What would be a fair price to to show the world your skills? You must think, it would be nice and very, very fair if I had to pay what you paid to be monitored back in 1981 (with no inflation). You bet you do, and you have to agree, this is a great offer. So You Say You Can Pickem? Well, here's your chance, no more excuses. If you're as good as you say you are, you may be asked to join our handicapping staff for future years. Click link below to become a professional documented football handicapper.




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