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College Football TV Games - 2018 Weekly College Football TV Games

Here's the best college football tv games for 2018. A weekly rundown of the best college football tv games of the 2018 season. You can enjoy the best college football tv games every week with our expert college football tv picks and smile happily at the end of each game. So grab a brewsky and kick it with us every week with our expert college football tv picks .

Week 1 College Football TV Picks

Ohio St. travels for an opening BIG 10 away game versus Indiana. This is probably the most important game of the season for the Hoosiers and they'll be sky high for this opener. Win and the Hoosiers get national attention and kill the Buckeyes national championship hopes.

Other TV Games: Tulsa at Oklahoma State

Week 2 College Football TV Picks

Of all the marquee college football tv matchups, this game should tell us if the Wolverines are back to the top. Let's see if Harbaugh has his Wolves ready for the Gators.

Other TV Games: Colorado vs. Colorado State, Alabama vs. Florida State, Texas A&M at UCLA, Virginia Tech vs. West Virginia, Georgia Tech vs. Tennessee

Week 3 College Football TV Picks

Suey! TCU is at Arkansas in a very interesting matchup. Meanwhile, how will the Hawkeyes handle in state rival Iowa St.?

Other TV Games: Nebraska at Oregon, Georgia at Notre Dame, Oklahoma at Ohio State,
Stanford at USC.

Week 4 College Football TV Picks

Wow, A super matchup as the Clemson Tigers visit the Louisville Cardinals. The national champs lose their starting QB, it could get wild in Louisville. Will the Cards outscore the Tigers?

Other TV Games: Tennessee at Florida, LSU at Mississippi State, Miami at Florida State.

Week 5 College Football TV Picks
The annual rivalry Notre Dame at Michigan State is a thriller as usual. Oklahoma is at Baylor in a BIG 12 shootout!

Other TV Games: Penn State at Iowa, TCU at Oklahoma State, UCLA at Stanford.

Week 6 College Football TV Picks
Ole Miss travels to Alabama in a key SEC matchup. Can the Rebels hang with Bama as visitors.

Other TV Games: North Carolina at Georgia Tech, Georgia at Tennessee, California at Oregon.

Week 7 College Football TV Picks

The battle of the services is always a great game as the Falcons fly east to meet up with the Middies. Air Force at Navy, a fierce grudge match.

Other TV Games: Alabama at Texas A&M, California at Washington, LSU at Florida.

Week 8 College Football TV Picks

Major ACC matchup. Georgia Tech at Miami on Thursday night. The Red River Rivalry has Oklahoma vs. Texas with the Sooners looking for revenge.

Other TV Games: Auburn at LSU, Baylor at Oklahoma State, Ohio State at Nebraska.

Week 9 College Football TV Picks

The Trojans have lost a lot of players, but they always reload as does Notre Dame. Another classic in store as USC visits Notre Dame. The Cards fly down to a battle in Sem country as Louisville heads to Florida State. Can the Sems cage the Cardinals explosive offense?

Other TV Games: LSU at Ole Miss, Michigan at Penn State, Oregon at UCLA, West Virginia at Baylor.

Week 10 College Football TV Picks

The party is on as Florida vs. Georgia in Jacksonville. BIG 10 BIG GAME Penn State at Ohio State. These two have been circled on the calendar for all teams involved.

Other TV Games: California at Colorado, Miami at North Carolina, Oklahoma St at West Virginia.

Week 11 College Football TV Picks

Big conference game Friday night as UCLA visits one of the toughest venues in the nation and the Utah Utes. A battle royal and plenty of bruises when these two meet as LSU at Alabama.

Other TV Games: Oklahoma at Oklahoma State, Auburn at Texas A, Penn State at Michigan State.

Week 12 College Football TV Picks

The pigskin will be flying as Baylor goes to Texas Tech in what surely will be a high scoring game.
Florida State is at Clemson as the ACC title may be at stake.

Other TV Games: Georgia at Auburn, Michigan State at Ohio State, Notre Dame at Miami.

Week 13 College Football TV Picks

The 2017 Battle of LA will get nasty with UCLA at USC.

Other TV Games: California at Stanford, LSU at Tennessee, Texas at West Virginia.

Week 14 College Football TV Picks

Rivalry week has the Big 10 title is up for grabs with Ohio State at Michigan. The Iron Bowl has Alabama at Auburn is a classic.

Other TV Games: Arizona at Arizona State, Clemson at South Carolina, Florida State at Florida, Georgia at Georgia Tech, Louisville at Kentucky, North Carolina at North Carolina State

Week 15 College Football TV Picks

Just one college TV game this week. Let's watch and honor the Middies & Cadets.
As a Vietnam era veteran, the Pres says GO ARMY! BEAT NAVY!

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