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We're primed for a great year once again, as we shoot for that lofty 60% goal. Hey, we've done it many times, so you know we're capable of lofty results, while others can only dream about them.

"Their college football newsletter and nfl football newsletter is a must read".
M Mendelsohn, Director AADSS

 Expert Football Newsletter Handicappers
Bags, DJ and Dennis. This is the major difference between our newsletters and others. PROVEN VETERANS (all 4 since 1981) DOCUMENTED AWARD WINNING HANDICAPPERS. Others employ nameless sports writers that can spin a good yarn, but don't deliver what's most important to you... consistent winning picks.

 Weekly Newsletter College Football Picks
We apply expert handicapping systems perfected for over 34 years to every game so that we pick the right side. The Pres began developing his handicapping systems in the early 1980's and we've perfected them over the years to the point that you can play with confidence. Subscribers get the predictions posted to the site by Thursday, with the projected team to cover the spread. In plenty of time to read and absorb all the data, information, tips & angles, so you have an intelligent decision on what teams you want to back.

 Weekly Newsletter NFL Football Picks
We apply the same handicapping methods perfected for the NFL. Gridiron Gold Sheet has gained the respect of many handicappers who read it just to find the edge they've been seeking. One week, we were accurate on 29 out of 34 board games against the spread. Like the college picks, subscribers get the top newsletter NFL predictions for the week, typically by Friday, with the projected winners ats.

 Football Newsletter Subscriber Savings
You're eligible for more savings or special package offers as a member of our Gridiron Gold Sheet team. It's not unusual for a handicapper to give out one of his guaranteed picks as a good will gesture. 

 What is the Best Bets Newsletter?
A virtual consensus of best bets. Years ago, we would have writeups and predictions on all games. This became burdensome and confusing to subscribers. Our surveys showed that a high pct of subscribers only played our best bets. We dumped that myriad of confusing information, and replaced it with our best bets newsletter. This newsletter is a late week (Thursday) best bets newsletter with late week information.

 What You Get in Gridiron Gold Sheet Best Bets Newsletter5
 5 College & 4 Pro Best Bets starting with the first week of the regular season. If you prefer only pro or only college, we've got you covered with specific newsletters.

 What is the value of our newsletter?
Last year our underdog picks finished at an amazing 67% while the total of all the picks was 61%. Picks that you'll have in plenty of time before the weekend action. Picks from handicappers with over 100 years of combined winning experience. Not to mention 12 straight newsletter winning seasons. This is a newsletter that you'll want to print and carry around with you to share with your friends, or like some, to shout out inside technical information to break your buddies balls.

 Learn More About Subscribing To Our Football Newsletter:
Subscribing is easy, safe and secure! If you prefer, you can use your major credit card. Gridiron Gold Sheet Football Newsletter issues are for the entire regular season.

 Our Pres has lost his mind.
The Pres is offering early bird block buster deals on subscriptions. Check our these great prices.

Gridiron Gold Sheet 41-25-2 63 37-29-4 56 78-54-6 59 18.6
Power Picks 33-16-1 67.3 25-26 49 58-42 58 11.8
Winning Points 20-14 58.8 14-13 51.2 34-27 55.7 4.3
Power Plays 11-5-1 68.7 52-47-1 52.5 63-52-2 54.8 5.8
Power Sweep 31-38 44.9 68-48-4 58.6 99-86-4 53.5 4.4
Gold Sheet 23-22-3 51.1 42-46 48.8 65-68 48.8 -9.8
Sports Reporter 17-18 48.6 42-34 55.3 49-52 48.5 -8.2
Killer Sports 31-31-2 50 23-27-2 46 54-58-4 48.2 -9.8
Playbook 35-31 52.2 21-31-1 40.4 56-62-1 47.5 -12.2
Pointwise 32-51-2 38.6 48-54 47 80-105-2 43.2 -35.5



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