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NFL Monday Night Football Picks

NFL Monday Night Football Picks. The first football handicapper to offer guaranteed MNF picks in 1981. Guaranteed single MNF picks: You only pay for winning Monday Night Football Picks and you also get a free monday night football pick.

Week 10 Nov. 12 Giants at 49ers  Buy MNF Picks
Week 11 Nov. 19 Chiefs at Rams  Buy MNF Picks
Week 12 Nov. 26 Titans at Texans  Buy MNF Picks
Week 13 Dec. 3 Redskins at Eagles  Buy MNF Picks
Week 14 Dec. 10 Vikings at Seahawks  Buy MNF Picks
Week 15 Dec. 17 Saints at Panthers  Buy MNF Picks
Week 16 Dec. 24 Broncos at Raiders  Buy MNF Picks




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